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Tech-more Operations Resources Ltd.

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Facilities Management

Facilities Evaluations

  • Audit current conditions
  • Create Custom Operations and Maintenance Programs
  • CMMS and Asset Management System selection and implementation

Specification and Tender Documents

  • Write specifications for out-sourcing services
  • Utilizing CMMS for Contractor management

Risk Analysis

  • Contingency Planning

Life Cycle Analysis

  • Repair expense review and replacement options
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Current Replacement Value (CVR)


  • Custom programs for staff and management
Quality Control and Cost Control are of paramount importance today in achieving your budget goals. TECH-MORE Operations Resources has developed specific strategies for reaching these goals and would be delighted to show you the same package that other Facilities Managers have found interesting and financially beneficial.

TECH-MORE provides cost controlled Operations and Maintenance management planning services for Facilities by providing capital financial planning, operational reviews, Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (unbiased recommendation, assist in selection and implementation), and a complete range of contract brokerage services (from defining scope, to specification and tender management). 

Beyond the immediate requirements for facilities operations, including cleaning, equipment services, repairs and monitoring, it is clear that most facilities need more rigor in their ongoing maintenance programs for HVAC, Life Safety, elevator, custodial, etc. With real attention to overall performance related details, service provider routines, and reporting procedures. Some of the elements required to configure a sustainable maintenance program appropriate to the requirements of the project are level of comfort to be provided, a balance between cost control and preventative maintenance, equipment life cycle, capital expenditure plans, etc. All these goals are met in the documents prepared by TECH-MORE Operations Resources Ltd. because we take our direction from the Owner.