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Carbon Planning


Establishing GHG Emissions Context for Your Organization

Tech-More has been working with clients from the commercial and institutional sector in the role of facilitator, program planner and management consultant since 1996. In this time, its corporate philosophy has always been committed to help the client identify the best and highest outcomes for their programs, while keeping the perspective of sustainability clearly in view and helping them to understand the necessary changes that must occur to achieve the outcomes they desire. This is a challenging task for any consultant, as the client group often has conflicting outcomes and limited resources. The solution with respect to the energy component, and consequently, the Greenhouse Gas emissions component, of this puzzle is for the consultant professionals to provide guidance for planning, analysis of opportunities and project management. The client will need a high level of confidence to undertake the changes required, the client will need to have a high level of confidence in the consultants they work with, and this confidence will be based on the consultants past successes. Tech-More is proud of its past successes and is pleased to offer them.

Experience must be evident in the consultantís past so that it can guide and motivate the clients to establish corporate Greenhouse Gas emission reduction action plans. The consultant must have demonstrated leadership skills to ensure executive buy-in and full staff support for their new projects. Feedback from clients is that they are struggling with the implications of the Greenhouse Gas Target Reduction Act (GGRTA) in the public sector and with Greenhouse Gas emissions in the private sector. They are feeling pressure from the requirements of the GGRTA process and donít know where to begin because they perceive (quite correctly) that they cannot fully assess or recognize the risks inherent with-in the new GHG reductions targets.
Since October 2000 Tech-More has been the Primary Program Consultant to the Green Buildings BC Program and in that capacity has developed the marketing strategy that has lead to market transformation in the Health and Education sectors in British Columbia with respect to using utility budgets to renew their facilities infrastructure, reduce GHG emissions and waste generation. Tech-More has over 100 years of combined team experience in real estate operations administration, energy management, energy audits, project management, program planning, executive level consulting and application engineering. Tech-More is committed to helping all clientís adopt new business strategies and system based tools that support environmental sustainability and GHG reductions.

Tech-Moreís approach is to bring the focus and clarity of experienced experts to GHG emissions planning process. By quickly identifying opportunities and professionally presenting realistic options, Tech-Moreís capabilities will greatly accelerate the pace by which GHG emissions projects are implemented in BC. Tech-More will also be able to provide the clients with on-going services for tracking, project implementation, reporting and monitoring GHG projects.

CO2 CH4 N2O Greenhouse gas concentrations

One of the key measures of success of Tech-Moreís participation in the Green Building BC Retrofit Program was in influencing the growth in energy self-financed project activity. From January, 2001 to present $130 million has been spent in projects that would not have occurred without the services and guidance Tech-More provided to the Green Buildings Program.