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Green Buildings BC
Developed and programmed a MS Access database tool for use in the Green Buildings BC program. The Opportunity Assessment Tool is used by the GBBC clients to establish the scope of savings potentially available, the type of savings measures that apply to their facilities, establish a benchmark for comparing facilities, screen to identify energy intensive facilities, and provide presentation quality reports.

Developed a custom software system to track the activity and project progress for GBBC clients. Contact Manager lists each PSO by Ministry and type of organization. It contains all the project history information and outputs presentation quality reports.

Developed a Quarterly Report Spreadsheet to allow the GBBC to update and report on a quarterly basis, GHG emissions reductions, capital investment, savings projections by individual PSO.

City of North Vancouver

Fraser Health Authority Y2K Audit

Douglas College Building Environmental Systems Training

International Centre for Sustainable Cities
Development of a template for Energy Service Company (ESCo) utilization by municipal governments in Poland.

Camosun College
Facility management review of services provided and operational needs of clients. Used web based survey tool to establish client assessment of current service levels

Simon Fraser University
Review of the operations and maintenance department at the University and the development of a long range plan for the evolution of the department into the future.

Richmond Caring Place
Facility renewal funding model based on condition assessment of building. Model includes all lifecycle requirements for 50 years.

RCMP Property Management
Project managed a multi-disciplinary team to establish building condition assessments, identify priorities and capital renewal funding requirements and labor analysis. Established operations benchmarks, labor requirement analysis and, set up out-source service procurement policies. Performed energy/utility audit to identify cost saving measures.

Interior Health Authority, Vernon Hospital
Integration of a funding source and itemized depreciation model into their computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for consistent and integrated reporting and up dating of records.

Okanagan University College
Establishment of benchmarks and setting of maintenance stands in a work environment that manages 10,000 work orders a year.

North Vancouver School District #44
Development of a custom audit tool for condition assessments and reports. Complete HVAC equipment audit and condition assessment for all buildings. This report formed the basis for a successful application for $11 million in new capital funding for Facilities improvements.