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"Tech-More has the Advantage, the Solutions approach to Operations and Maintenance of Building Systems."

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Tech-More provides cost controlled Operations and Maintenance management consulting services for Facilities, by providing equipment and building system condition reports, long term capital financial/reserve planning, labor resources and operations related consulting services, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and a complete range of out-source contract services (from defining scope, to specification and tender management). As well, Tech-More provides management services for self-financing energy efficiency related projects.

Beyond the immediate requirements of day-to-day activities, it is clear that most facilities need more rigor and finesse in the ongoing maintenance programs, with real attention to overall performance related details, inspection routines, and reporting procedures.

Operations and maintenance staff should provide services against procedures and programs provided by experts to reflect the interests of the Owner, rather than against standard commercially available programs. 

Standard commercially available programs are written to provide the greatest possible latitude in interpreting requirements. For this reason, they are void of any real substance with regard to many important issues such as; equipment life cycle, service frequency intervals, liaison and reporting to management, co-ordination with management, maintenance procedures, quantifying equipment performance, inspection schedules, self policing programs, and deficiency remedies.

Brian Miltimore

Brian has been working on energy conservation projects and with Energy Performance Contracts (EPC’s) since 1976 and has been the Project Manager on some of the first and largest commercial EPC’s in BC. He was responsible for the efficiency measures design and implementation; the energy accounting for the completed project; the energy software development; the development and implementation of the energy awareness training for the user groups and operations staff; the selection and evaluation of new technologies for the project: and all the monitoring, tracking and verification of energy savings.

From 1990 to 1996 Brian provided EPC services to BC clients while working for an International ESCo (Johnson Controls), responsible for developing client relationships and advancing the project through the sales cycle, identifying efficiency measures, estimating costs and savings, contract negotiations and product specifications for the different efficiency measures.

In 1996 he started Tech-More, a private consulting practice focused on offering facilities and operations planning services to the PSO sector. In 2000 he became the primary consultant to the Green Buildings BC (GBBC), providing expert advice, action plans, opportunity assessments and direction for the procurement of $120 million in 39 separate projects. It is very important to recognize that this $120 million occurs against a historical backdrop of very little activity in the PSO sector. The most obvious reason for this success is the delivery of resources provided, including on site Opportunity Assessments for individual clients, planning workshops and on-going support through the project implementation stages. This greatly increases the PSO clients confidence because, Brian acting for GBBC, was truly representing the PSO clients interest guidance leading to a successful project outcome.